Dana is great to work with. His design ideas are spot on and he is professional, hard working and good natured. I have only the best to say about Dana, he is the perfect choice for solving your electrical challenges. He has excellent design suggestions and finds ways to make all the shadows in a house or business bright. Dana helped me more than I can say. His suggestions were perfect and he inspired my utmost confidence in his skill as an electrician. You will be lucky to work with Dana.
— Priscilla Cohan
Have you ever left your house with an uncertain feeling that it might not be there when you get home? It was becoming somewhat crippling. You see, my 115-year-old house was still set with old knob and tube electricity. I am pretty sure I had a good reason to worry.
Dana Richards came to my neurotic rescue with his care, craft and expertise. He upgraded my home and calmed my mind. Anyone who has been to my house knows that this was not an easy task. Art from floor to ceiling. I am amazed and thankful for the non-invasive approach he took with my home and myself. A big shoutout to Dana for the care and community spirit that makes this town and this little house shine.”
— Kahlie Sue Pinello
Dana is a master at his craft. He accomplished thoroughly in a single session what it took other electricians several times to partially complete
— Thom Bishop