Has something stopped working at your house or your place of business? I've been involved with troubleshooting electrical issues for 20 plus years. Let's take a look at it!!!



Want a fresh look in your home? There may be options for you to be able to set the mood for every room. This could be dimmers, LED upgrades, more lights, etc. Give me a call for a consultation. 

Other upgrade possibilities:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Hot Tubs
  • AC Units
  • Old outlets





New kitchen? New basement finish? Maybe some lighting for the deck? Before you start your next project let's chat about it. Most of my career has been spent doing remodel work and I'm passionate about helping you get what you need and talking about what you may want.  


New Builds

If your building a new structure or just an expansion give a call to schedule a free estimate and consultation.